Sunny Deol’s Cricket Mishap and Son’s Revelation: A Candid Glimpse into Their Lives

Sunny Deol and Son Rajveer Bond Over Sports: Cricket and Volleyball

Sunny Deol, the Bollywood actor known for his guarded personal life, recently opened up about the importance of sports in his relationship with his son, Rajveer Deol. In a recent interview, Sunny shared a heartwarming anecdote from their cricket-playing days and Rajveer revealed how their love for volleyball led to his crooked fingers.

Sunny Recalls Accidentally Hitting Friend’s Head During Gully Cricket

During a conversation with Mashable India, Sunny Deol reminisced about their fondness for playing “gully” cricket, a popular street version of the sport. He revealed that one day, while engrossed in the game, he accidentally hit his friend’s head with a hard leather ball. Emphasizing their preference for using a hard cricket ball over a rubber one, Sunny said, “We always used to play the game with the cricket ball. A rubber ball is not steady, so we played with the cricket ball.”

Rajveer’s Crooked Fingers – A Result of Volleyball Bonding with Dad

Rajveer, who recently made his debut in the film “Dono,” shared his own sporting experience with his father. He recalled how they used to play volleyball together and humorously mentioned that his fingers became crooked due to his dad’s habit of over-inflating the ball. “When we used to play volleyball, Dad used to make sure that the ball was extra pumped. I used to play volleyball with him, and that’s the reason my fingers are all crooked,” Rajveer laughed.

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Professional Challenges for Karan and Rajveer

On the professional front, Sunny recently celebrated the massive success of his film “Gadar 2.” However, his sons, Karan and Rajveer, faced challenges in replicating their father’s success with their debut films. Karan’s debut film “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” (2019) was declared a flop, while Rajveer’s recent film “Dono” struggled at the box office and failed to cross the one crore mark even after five days of release.


Sports have played a significant role in Sunny Deol and Rajveer Deol’s bond as father and son. From intense games of cricket to spirited matches of volleyball, their shared love for sports has brought them closer together. While Sunny’s accidental hit during a game of cricket left a lasting memory, Rajveer’s crooked fingers serve as a reminder of their lively volleyball sessions. Despite the ups and downs in their professional lives, their shared passion for sports continues to strengthen their relationship both on and off the screen.

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