PVR INOX Passport: Rs. 699 for 10 Movies – Monthly Subscription Pass

Leading Cinema Chain PVR INOX Introduces ‘PVR INOX Passport’ Movie Subscription Pass Aimed at Boosting the Film Industry

PVR INOX, one of the leading cinema chains in India, has announced a groundbreaking initiative called ‘PVR INOX Passport’, which is a movie subscription pass designed to encourage frequent visits to theaters and support the film industry. The monthly subscription pass, available from October 16, allows cinema-goers to watch up to 10 movies per month for just Rs. 699. This offer is valid from Monday to Thursday and excludes premium offerings like IMAX, Gold, LUXE, and Director’s Cut.

Gautam Dutta, co-CEO of PVR INOX, revealed that the company conducted extensive market research to gain insights into customers’ movie-watching habits. “Our customers expressed their love for the movie experience and their desire to visit cinemas more frequently. However, we found that financial constraints were preventing them from doing so,” Dutta explained. He further elaborated on the consumer sentiment, stating that there are certain highly anticipated films that viewers prefer to watch on the big screen, while others they are willing to wait for and consume through other platforms like TV, iPad, or mobile.

Dutta highlighted the negative impact of this consumer trend on the film industry, particularly on mid-level and smaller budget films. He emphasized, “With the increasing popularity of event films, smaller midsize films are getting overshadowed and marginalized. To address this issue, we wanted to offer a product that would align with consumer sentiment, encourage more cinema visits, and ultimately benefit smaller films.” Each week, PVR INOX releases around 13 to 16 films, and this subscription pass aims to provide a boost to these lesser-known movies.

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In its endeavor to enhance the overall cinema-going experience, PVR INOX previously tackled customer concerns about the affordability of food and beverages by reducing their prices by 40%. Additionally, the cinema chain introduced special food combos starting from Rs. 99 on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm. On weekends, they offered bottomless popcorn with unlimited refills.

Dutta emphasized the positive impact of the movie subscription plan, stating, “We wanted to tap into the market of consumers who visit us once, twice, or thrice a month. The increased movie consumption will result in more films being produced and a larger movie-going audience being created. Over time, we hope to create a habit among consumers to regularly visit cinemas. It’s not just about a price promotion; it’s about shifting the momentum of the industry.”

The target audience for the movie subscription offer primarily includes students, housewives, and senior citizens, as Dutta clarified, “Our aim is to attract time-rich and cash-poor individuals, rather than the time-poor and cash-rich segment.” This strategic focus is intended to make movies more accessible to a wider range of audiences with varying financial capacities.

Interested consumers can purchase the PVR INOX Passport for a minimum subscription period of three months through the cinema chain’s app or website. To redeem the pass, users need to select the Passport coupon as the payment option during checkout. In the case of transactions involving multiple tickets, one ticket can be redeemed using a Passport coupon, while the remaining tickets can be paid for through any other regular mode of payment. It’s important to note that the Passport subscription is non-transferable and can only be availed by a single user, who must present a government identity proof during the cinema check-in process.

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In conclusion, PVR INOX’s introduction of the ‘PVR INOX Passport’ movie subscription pass aims to rejuvenate the film industry by encouraging more frequent cinema visits. By offering an affordable and convenient way to watch up to 10 movies per month, PVR INOX hopes to create a larger audience base and support the growth of mid-level and smaller budget films. This initiative, coupled with the recent reduction in food and beverage prices, demonstrates the cinema chain’s commitment to providing an enhanced movie-going experience for all audiences.

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