Final Cut Pro X vs Adobe Premiere Pro: 2024 Comparison – Which is better?

If you’ve dabbled in video editing on your Mac, chances are you’ve explored the options we’ll be discussing today. Maybe you started out with iMovie and found yourself needing more advanced features. The macOS platform is ideal for video editing, offering a plethora of powerful tools. Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro are two top choices for professional video editing. Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro cater to both professional video editors and prosumer. While Final Cut Pro X excels in supporting various formats and hardware, businesses invested in the Adobe suite may prefer Adobe Premiere Pro. Making a decision between the two depends on factors like hardware mix, supported video formats, and other editing workflows.

Pricing could be a deciding factor for your business. Final Cut Pro X requires a one-time payment of $299 per Apple account, while Adobe Premiere Pro is available for $37.99 per license per month. The pricing models may influence your decision, especially for larger businesses.

When it comes to interface, Final Cut Pro X offers a nontraditional timeline, similar to iMovie, making it easier for beginners to navigate. On the other hand, Adobe Premiere Pro is highly configurable, though it may be intimidating for newcomers.

In terms of editing capabilities, Final Cut Pro X supports 3D videos and offers more automated audio editing features. On the other hand, Adobe Premiere Pro is primarily a 2D application, but includes powerful audio editing tools. If you’re an Apple enthusiast with the latest hardware, Final Cut Pro X would be more suitable due to its rendering capabilities.

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Both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro are exceptional tools for creating professional-grade videos. Adobe Premiere Pro may be the right choice if your business already uses other Adobe products and operates in a mixed-OS environment. Alternatively, if you’re deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, Final Cut Pro X may be the more appealing option. Ultimately, both tools can produce stunning results.