Meyer Burger Technology AG (VTX:MBTN) Foots Break Even in Near Future

Meyer Burger Technology AG, a technology company that specializes in the production and sale of solar cells and modules, is currently at a crucial stage in its business journey. With a market capitalization of CHF960m, the company has experienced a financial loss of CHF70m in the latest financial year, contributing to a trailing-twelve-month loss of CHF94m. This widening gap between losses and its breakeven target raises concerns among investors regarding the company’s path to profitability.

To shed light on the company’s future prospects, we have gathered insights from industry analysts who anticipate that Meyer Burger Technology is nearing its breakeven point. According to these analysts, the company is expected to incur a final loss in 2024 but is projected to generate positive profits of CHF106m in 2025. Based on these estimates, Meyer Burger Technology is predicted to reach breakeven in approximately two years from now. However, it is worth noting that this forecast assumes a significant average annual growth rate of 74%. If this growth rate proves to be overly ambitious, the company may take longer than anticipated to become profitable.

It is important to consider that high growth rates are not uncommon for companies in a period of investment, like Meyer Burger Technology. While we won’t delve into the company-specific developments in this article, it is crucial to keep in mind that rapid growth is often a characteristic of companies in this stage.

Another aspect worth mentioning is Meyer Burger Technology’s relatively high level of debt. As a general rule, debt should not exceed 40% of equity. However, in the case of Meyer Burger Technology, their debt represents 92% of their equity. This high debt obligation increases the risk associated with investing in a company that is currently operating at a loss.

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Moving forward, it is important to note that there are numerous factors to consider when evaluating Meyer Burger Technology. For a comprehensive understanding of the company’s fundamentals, we recommend referring to Meyer Burger Technology’s company page on Simply Wall St. Additionally, we have compiled a list of essential factors that you should examine:

1. Valuation: Determining Meyer Burger Technology’s current worth and assessing whether future growth potential has been factored into its price. Our free research report includes an intrinsic value infographic that can help visualize whether the company is currently undervalued or overvalued by the market.

2. Management Team: Evaluating the experience and expertise of the management team leading Meyer Burger Technology. This factor plays a crucial role in instilling confidence in the company’s overall performance. Take a look at the individuals on the board and the background of the CEO.

3. Other High-Performing Stocks: Exploring alternative stocks that offer better prospects and possess proven track records. Our free list of these exceptional stocks can assist in identifying potential investment opportunities.

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