Snapchat’s ‘AR Pichkari’ Lens for Holi 2024: How it Works

Snapchat Introduces New ‘AR Pichkari’ Lens for Holi 2024

Snapchat has recently unveiled a new ‘AR Pichkari’ lens just in time for the festive season of Holi 2024. This latest addition to the popular mobile image and video sharing platform was created by a third-party developer, Ronin Labs. The innovative lens allows users to virtually douse their friends with an array of colorful hues using their smartphone’s rear camera, emulating the playful act of spraying watercolors during the joyous celebration of Holi.

Seamless Integration of Augmented Reality Technology

The AR Pichkari lens is part of Snapchat’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user experiences through augmented reality (AR) technology. This cutting-edge feature enables users to interact with their surroundings in creative ways and adds an exciting dimension to the platform’s already diverse range of lenses.

Easy Access and User-Friendly Interface

Users can easily access the AR Pichkari lens by simply searching for it within the Snapchat app or by following a direct link provided by the platform. Once selected, users can switch to the rear camera mode on Snapchat and point it towards their friends. The app utilizes AR to pinpoint the location of the friend within the frame and initiates the virtual color-splashing experience as users move their phones, mimicking the motion of a real pichkari.

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Engaging Features and Colorful Celebrations

With the AR Pichkari filter, users can freely move around and playfully spray their friends with vibrant Holi colors. A color gauge displayed on the screen indicates the remaining colors available for spraying. As the fun unfolds, a festive “Holi Hai!” message pops up midway through the activity, adding to the overall festive spirit.

Accessible and Inclusive Experience

Snapchat’s AR Pichkari lens is readily available for users to enjoy on the messaging platform ahead of the Holi festivities in 2024. The feature is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that all users have the opportunity to engage with the festive lens. To access the AR Pichkari lens, users can also scan the Snapcode provided in the image above using their iOS or Android devices with the latest version of the Snapchat app.

Embracing Festivity and Friendship

As users gear up to celebrate Holi in 2024, Snapchat’s AR Pichkari lens offers a fun and interactive way to share the festive spirit with friends and loved ones. The innovative use of AR technology brings a unique dimension to the traditional celebrations, fostering connectivity and joy among users during this auspicious occasion.

Through the introduction of the AR Pichkari lens, Snapchat continues to push the boundaries of creativity and user engagement, setting the stage for memorable and colorful moments to be shared among its global community.

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