Technology: the key to market success.

Success in the Digital Age: Dr. Divya Rangenahalli’s Insights

In a recent conclave on agile marketing and rapid innovations at ISBR Business School in Bengaluru, Dr. Divya Rangenahalli, Founder and CEO of Media Connect, highlighted the importance of technical skills in achieving success. She emphasized the need for students to adapt to the fast-paced advancements in technology to secure a bright future in today’s competitive landscape.

During the conclave, Dr. Divya Rangenahalli also discussed the evolving nature of healthcare communication, noting the transition from traditional methods like doctors visiting homes to more modern approaches such as disseminating advice through online platforms like videos. She underscored the effectiveness of strategic marketing approaches in reaching out to people in the digital age.

Market Demands and Proactive Approaches

Dr. Divya Rangenahalli stressed the importance of continuous research and analysis for students to understand market demands. She encouraged them to be proactive in navigating the ever-changing market dynamics. Emphasizing teamwork, dedication, and persistence, she advised students to remain focused and committed to their goals.

Industry Experts and Valuable Insights

The seminar featured the participation of industry experts such as Ankoor Dasguupta, Ayushi Mona, Anita Shankar, Sridhar .N. Upadhya, Dr. Anand Agrawal, Jayadip Sikdar, Shoan Shinde, and Tanmay Batabyal. These professionals shared their expertise on contemporary trends and strategies shaping the marketing landscape. The management and students of ISBR Business School actively engaged in the seminar, gaining valuable insights from the speakers.

For more information on agile marketing and rapid innovations, you can visit the ISBR Business School website.

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Overall, Dr. Divya Rangenahalli’s address at the conclave shed light on the essential skills and strategies required for success in today’s digital age. By embracing technological advancements and staying abreast of market trends, students can position themselves for a prosperous future in the competitive business landscape.