SolarDuck prototype for floating solar receives certification

The Merganser Project: A Breakthrough in Offshore Floating Solar Technology

The collaboration between SolarDuck and RWE has led to a groundbreaking initiative known as the Merganser project. This project introduces an offshore floating solar pilot with an impressive capacity of 520 kWp. The design of this innovative solution comprises six interconnected platforms carefully engineered to withstand challenging offshore conditions, including high waves, strong winds, and corrosive environments.

Certification by Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas, a renowned certification agency, has validated the design of the Merganser project, ensuring its ability to withstand maximum wave heights of 11.6 meters at a water depth of 21.5 meters at the North Sea Farmers test site. This certification demonstrates the project’s resilience in harsh marine environments. The deployment of the Merganser pilot is planned off the coast of The Hague, Netherlands, where its performance and durability will be thoroughly evaluated in the dynamic North Sea environment.

Supporting Pioneering Endeavors

Bureau Veritas has played a crucial role in supporting SolarDuck’s pioneering efforts in floating solar solutions. The certification of the Merganser prototype represents a significant milestone following the Approval in Principle (AiP) granted for its floating structure. Throughout the rigorous certification process, Bureau Veritas meticulously assessed various aspects of the prototype, including the floating structure, mooring system, stability analysis, materials, and electrical safety systems.

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Enhancing Bankability through Certification

Don Hoogendoorn, Chief Technology Officer of SolarDuck, acknowledges the pivotal role of certification in enhancing the technology’s bankability. He expressed gratitude for the collaborative partnership with Bureau Veritas, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the project’s safety and reliability.

Industry Collaboration for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Martijn Nieuwenhuijs, Country Chief Executive at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Netherlands, highlighted the significance of collaboration between certification agencies and industry innovators in advancing sustainable energy solutions. Bureau Veritas’ expertise in assessing structural integrity and conducting design evaluations plays a critical role in fostering innovation while maintaining safety standards in offshore renewable energy projects.

In conclusion, the Merganser project represents a significant step forward in the development of offshore floating solar technology. With the support of Bureau Veritas and the collaborative efforts of industry leaders, this project is set to pave the way for sustainable energy solutions in marine environments.