Additional Counselling for Vacant PG Seats in Tamil Nadu: Health Minister Allows

Article: Tamil Nadu Health Minister’s Plea for Additional PG Medical Counselling

Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma. Subramanian has urged the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare to allow the Tamil Nadu Medical Selection Committee to conduct an additional round of counselling for post graduate (MD/MS, DNB, MDS) seats as there are 69 vacant seats in MD/MS, 11 in DNB and 48 in MDS even after four rounds of counselling.

Tamil Nadu’s Need for Additional PG Medical Counselling

In a letter to the Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Thursday, November 9, 2023, Mr. Subramanian said that counselling for admission to PG medical, DNB and MDS courses in the State was completed on October 25. He pointed out that a number of seats in MD/MS, DNB and MDS courses were still vacant even after the end of four rounds of counselling and filling up the seats would help students in need to get admission to PG courses.

The Minister requested the Union Minister to allow the Selection Committee to conduct an additional round of counselling for the MD/MS, DNB and MDS seats and consequently direct the National Medical Commission and Dental Council of India to extend the last date for PG admissions. He hoped to get a positive reply on the issue as it would benefit the student community and the State healthcare system.

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Positive Response to Previous Request

Mr. Subramanian earlier thanked the Minister for responding favourably to his letter dated October 13 seeking an additional round of counselling for filling the vacancies in MBBS seats in the State. This additional round of counselling that was agreed for All India Quota and State quota is being taken up now and will hopefully result in filling up of all the vacant MBBS seats in the State, he said.

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The Tamil Nadu Health Minister, Ma. Subramanian, has made a compelling plea to the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare for conducting an additional round of counselling for post graduate medical seats. The significant number of vacant MD/MS, DNB, and MDS seats in the State calls for immediate action to facilitate the admission of students in need.

Subramanian’s efforts to address the deficiency in PG medical admissions highlight the pressing need to assist aspiring healthcare professionals in securing their educational pathways. The request to extend the counselling process for the aforementioned medical courses aims to alleviate the challenges faced by students seeking higher education in the medical domain.

Challenges in PG Medical Admissions in Tamil Nadu

The availability of vacant seats in PG medical, DNB, and MDS courses in Tamil Nadu, even after the completion of four rounds of counselling, underscores the urgency of facilitating further opportunities for deserving candidates. The State’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services is contingent upon ensuring a robust pipeline of skilled medical professionals.

Furthermore, the proactive approach adopted by Mr. Subramanian in engaging with relevant authorities to address the deficiencies in medical admissions reflects a steadfast dedication to enhancing the State’s healthcare infrastructure.

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The favourable response received by the Health Minister regarding the additional counselling for MBBS vacancies underscores the potential for positive outcomes in addressing the current challenges in medical admissions.

Future Prospects for Medical Admissions in Tamil Nadu

As the State endeavors to meet the burgeoning demand for medical services, the progression towards filling all vacant medical seats signifies a concerted effort to fortify the healthcare ecosystem. The anticipated extension of the counselling process for MD/MS, DNB, and MDS courses holds the promise of enabling aspiring medical students to pursue their educational aspirations.

Mr. Subramanian’s unwavering commitment to advocating for enhanced educational opportunities in the medical field underlines the imperative of supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals. The potential implications of an additional round of counselling resonate deeply within the student community, offering a beacon of hope for fulfilling their educational pursuits.


The collaborative approach undertaken by the Tamil Nadu Health Minister in addressing the deficiencies in PG medical admissions signifies a proactive stance in fostering the State’s healthcare landscape. The ardent plea for additional counselling rounds serves as a catalyst for empowering aspiring healthcare professionals and reinforcing the State’s commitment to nurturing a robust medical education framework.

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In conclusion, Mr. Subramanian’s fervent advocacy for additional PG medical counselling embodies a pivotal endeavor to bolster the healthcare domain in Tamil Nadu, laying the foundation for a brighter future for aspiring medical professionals.

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