T.N. Raj Bhavan Petrol Bomb Attack: Lone Man Strikes, No Barging Attempt – DGP

Tamil Nadu’s top police officials, including Director General of Police Shankar Jiwal, have refuted claims made by Raj Bhavan that “miscreants carrying bombs” attempted to enter Governor R.N. Ravi’s office-cum-residence. The police officers released CCTV footage to support their stance that only one man, identified as ‘Karukka’ Vinod, threw a petrol bomb at the main entrance of Raj Bhavan. They also provided CCTV footage from an incident in April 2022 to counter allegations that Governor Ravi was physically attacked with sticks and stones during a visit to Dharmapuram Adheenam.

During a joint media conference, attended by Mr. Jiwal, Greater Chennai City Police Commissioner Sandeep Rai Rathore, and Additional Director General of Police for Law and Order, A.Arun, the Director General of Police firmly stated that there was no security lapse in protecting the Governor. He mentioned that Raj Bhavan is safeguarded by 253 police personnel on bandobust duty, as well as a dog squad, baggage scanner, and other security equipment. Inner cordon security is provided by the Central Reserve Police Force, while 100 local police personnel are stationed at the outer cordon. The Director General of Police emphasized that the security arrangement remains intact and that advance security measures are always taken when the Governor travels.

To counter Raj Bhavan’s claim regarding the petrol bomb attack, Commissioner Rathore presented CCTV footage from various locations on the day of the incident. According to the footage, the accused, Vinodh, walked from Teynampet Junction towards Raj Bhavan and stood outside the establishment without attempting to enter. Vinodh threw a petrol bomb on Sardar Patel Road, but it did not reach the interiors of Raj Bhavan. The Commissioner clarified that Raj Bhavan staff did not apprehend the accused, but instead, five officers from the Greater Chennai City Police swiftly caught him and took him to Guindy Police Station. This sequence of events was clearly depicted in the CCTV footage.

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Regarding the alleged physical attack at Dharmapuram, Mr. Arun clarified that only one flag was thrown at a private vehicle as it passed after the Governor’s convoy. He dismissed claims that the Governor was physically assaulted. Mr. Arun also refuted Raj Bhavan’s allegation that no First Information Report (FIR) was registered, stating that 73 individuals were arrested based on a complaint filed by the Village Administrative Officer in connection with a protest during the Governor’s visit. He added that 53 witnesses have already been examined, and a charge sheet will be filed soon.

Mr. Jiwal addressed Raj Bhavan’s accusation that the police did not register Deputy Secretary T. Sengottaiyan’s complaint regarding the petrol bomb attack. He explained that, according to the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), an FIR is filed based on the first complaint received. In this case, the first information was provided by the police personnel on duty, and as per the law, the accused had to be remanded within 24 hours. Mr. Jiwal noted that Raj Bhavan’s complaint was submitted at 9:30 pm. He reassured that the investigation will continue without any sluggishness, and necessary actions will be taken.

Commissioner Rathore mentioned that he was unable to present the evidence, including photos, videos, and other supporting materials, to the Governor during his visit to Raj Bhavan due to prior appointments. He emphasized that maintaining law and order and public tranquility is always their top priority, as reiterated by Mr. Jiwal.

In conclusion, the top police officials of Tamil Nadu have refuted the claims made by Raj Bhavan regarding the attempted intrusion and physical attacks. They have provided CCTV footage and explained the security measures in place to emphasize that there was no security lapse. The police officers have also addressed allegations of delayed FIR registration and reassured that a thorough investigation will be conducted.

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