Businesses Prepared for Impact Investing; Technology Key to CSR Success

# 28% of Businesses Prepared for Impact Investing; Technology Emerges as Key to CSR Success

In a recent survey by Deloitte India, it was found that despite a significant interest in impact investing, only 28% of organizations feel adequately prepared to navigate its complexities. This highlights a gap in readiness and expertise within the sector. Over 50% of organizations are actively engaging with India’s Social Stock Exchange and exploring innovative financial strategies like social bonds and pay-for-success initiatives.

## Evolving CSR Strategies Amid Regulatory Changes

The survey disclosed that 50% of organizations are reassessing their CSR strategies due to evolving regulatory landscapes and increased disclosure requirements. This shift emphasizes the need for strategic alignment of CSR activities with broader business goals, beyond mere compliance. Recognizing the importance of CSR, 80% of organizations now integrate it into their corporate strategy, measuring performance internally to ensure accountability and effective monitoring.

Sumeet Salwan, a Partner at Deloitte India, highlighted the strategic role of CSR in driving societal progress, noting its increasing prominence in boardroom discussions and investor agendas. With 25% of surveyed organizations investing Rs 100 crore or more in CSR activities, there is a growing recognition of the long-term value CSR brings to both society and businesses.

## Technology’s Crucial Role in Shaping CSR

Technology is playing a crucial role in reshaping CSR practices, with over one-third of organizations willing to invest in tech solutions for better management. Technologies like big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are being leveraged to enhance the efficiency and impact of CSR initiatives. However, technology also poses challenges, with half of the organizations identifying it as a top hurdle in CSR implementation.

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Amit Tandon, another Partner at Deloitte India, emphasized the necessity of embracing technology in the evolving CSR landscape. He stressed the importance of investing in technologies like big data analytics and AI for effective monitoring and implementation. Prioritizing knowledge sharing, collaboration, and upskilling through training programs and partnerships with tech providers is essential to maximize the impact of CSR programs.

## Conclusion

Recent amendments to CSR regulations have led to 65% of organizations conducting mandatory impact assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of their CSR activities. Despite progress in integrating CSR into corporate strategies, there is still a need for increased preparedness and technological investment to fully realize the potential of these initiatives. Moving forward, aligning CSR activities with strategic goals, investing in technology, and ensuring accountability through impact assessments will be crucial for organizations aiming to make a meaningful societal impact while driving their business objectives.

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